Custom Built-Ins Northville, MI

We are the only company that offers high-quality custom built-in carpentry services.


Custom Built-Ins Northville, MI

We work with homeowners, builders, and contractors to design your perfect wardrobe closet or office cabinets without compromising on detail. Our team takes pride in our clean aesthetic while still providing you with the highest customer service possible so let us know how we can help today. The shelving and built-in units we design, build and install are customized to your needs. Whether you need industrial storage for a home office or extra space in the garage with sports equipment, our team can help.

You may be looking for a custom built-in carpentry service near me to help with home renovation. Our team of expert craftsmen can create the perfect custom design for your sideboards and cupboards needs, no matter how challenging. We are fast, reliable, and skilled professionals who will care for everything you need. Schedule an appointment today, and we will give you a FREE quote.

Custom Built-In Bookshelves 

Make your home the perfect place to read with custom built-in shelves. Create a cozy and comfortable space in any house room by picking out popular books or just one you’ve wanted for years. Custom built-in bookshelves add a touch of elegance to your home decor. You can display all the items you love in an organized manner with these customized storage spaces designed for maximum aesthetic value and ease of access. 

For those in search of portable storage solutions that are stylish and functional, we also offer compelling options like roll-up closets that are perfect if there needs to be more floor space. Where they’ll fit flush against an adjacent surface without hanging over it too much, dress forms give users complete privacy when changing clothes after working out at home alone.

Entertainment Center 

It’s hard to find the perfect TV cabinet. But we’ve got just what you need. We can build stylish and functional ones with plenty of space for all your electronics. We know how important it is to shop around at furniture stores or order online so many choices in so little time. Luckily our custom-made cabinets give customers everything they could want in one easy purchase – from design options like upholstery color choice on either leather or bench seat style or fabric stain finish.

It’s a great time to invest in your home with new entertainment center cabinetry. The popular design trend is heating up, and it has never been easier or more affordable than now. But if you need a custom-designed TV cabinet, you can rely on our skilled and trusted carpenters for your entertainment center needs at a reasonable cost. Just give us a call today.

Built-In Bathroom Cabinetry

Do you need a built-in bathroom cabinet maker in Michigan? You’ve come to the right place. Our professional artisans can create anything you want, from custom-made cabinets for your medicine cabinet or linen closet to beautiful showcase styles. 

The bathroom cabinet is an essential part of any home. These cabinets can typically be found above a sink or toilet and are made to hold hygiene products such as medicine, toothbrushes, picks, etc., for easy access when it’s time to use them. Our local and best specialists and installers are certified, licensed, and reputable that offer top-quality work in your commercial and residential homes. Contact us now.

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